Sonny is the new kid on the block. No, not that kind of New Kid on the Block. He's the latest player in what's becoming a storied and rich Midwest hip-hop culture centered in Minneapolis. Sonny's crew is based out of St. Paul, the Minneapolis sister city, and took much influence from ubiquitous locals Atmosphere, Doomtree and P.O.S.

That said, once Sonny's creative filter processed his influences, what came out was more akin to the Beastie Boys and KiD CuDi going through the same meat grinder. The music was as elevated as it was ignorant and prone to parody. The young MC's voice is strong, clear and unique as he half-shouts delinquent rhymes about his day.

Asked if we might expect a change in direction on his new material, Sonny replied, "I been singing like a bird!" Whether his coming mixtape is sonically experimental, we'll be waiting anxiously for a listen.
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