Sony and Spotify have joined forces for a new streaming audio service that ties in with gaming. The two companies are launching the PlayStation Music streaming service which will be available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles as well as Sony’s smartphones and tablets.

This is not totally new ground for Sony. In 2010, the mega corporation set sail with Music Unlimited, a streaming service that has now been terminated and replaced with this new Spotify-based partnership. The new set up will be available in 41 countries starting today (March 30).

"It's a much better product. We aren't afraid to say that," Eric Lempel, Sony's global head of marketing, told NBC News. "It was really a no-brainer. We're in 41 countries on day one, and Music Unlimited was in 19 [after four years]. We had a lot of good ideas [for Music Unlimited] that never saw the light of day. We have that chance now with Spotify."

This new app will allow users to listen to albums, singles and custom playlists. In the process, it gives you the option to play music over top of the existing audio on any given game, providing the gamer with control over the soundtrack -- which may not be such a good thing according to PlayStation 4 developer and composer Tom Happ.

"I do personally feel that games tend to go hand in hand with their soundtracks," Happ told the Huffington Post. "It would be a little like watching the music video for one song while the audio from a different song plays."

“We’re not just sticking a music player onto a game's console. We wanted to make sure we made Spotify work hard for gamers,” Tim Grimsditch, Spotify’s head of global product marketing, explained to The Guardian. "We’ve optimized the experience for the big screen. We’ve been looking at how to make Spotify available on smart TVs and other non-mobile devices, and for us this is the pinnacle experience in terms of big screens."