These kids today. They're so busy with their smartphones that they don't even see that the city is collapsing around them. That's the point of a new commercial for Sony's Xperia Ion smartphone, which features Matt and Kim's 'Let's Go' and has a tie-in to 'The Amazing Spider-Man' movie.

In the spot, a young man leaves a local establishment and cues up 'Let's Go' on his phone. As he walks down the street, he's so entranced with the music coming out of his phone that he overlooks the robbery of a jewelry store. But fear not. Spider-Man is there to fly in and trap the ne'er-do-well in his web as he flies past the hipster, who remains unaware of what's going on.

From there, the scene descends into chaos as the town becomes a battlefield. But not even the presence of the armed forces and fighter jets can get him to look up from his phone. Eventually, he enters his apartment, plugs his phone into the dock next to his TV and settles on his couch while, out the window, the superhero saves the day.

Matt and Kim are a duo from Brooklyn whose 2009 song, 'Daylight,' has been featured in several commercials and TV shows. 'Let's Go' is from their upcoming fourth album, 'Lightning,' which will likely be released in the fall.

Hear Matt & Kim's 'Let's Go' Featured in the Sony Xperia 2012 Commercial