Speedy Ortiz have announced they will release a new album, ‘Foil Deer,’ this spring, a follow-up to their 2013 LP, ‘Major Arcana.’ And according to frontwoman Sadie Dupuis, their new full-length comes from a happier, healthier place in comparison to their previous albums.

“I gave up wasting mental energy on people who didn’t have my back,” Dupuis said in a press release. “Listening to our old records, I get the sense that I was putting myself in horrible situations just to write sad songs. The music isn’t coming from a dark place, and without slipping into self-empowerment jargon, it feels stronger.”

With the announcement of the forthcoming album, the band also unveiled a comic created by Michael DeForge that imagines the world 1,000 years after the release of ‘Foil Deer.’ The final panel concludes that the album “represents a crucial key to our ancient past – when mankind was loving, cruel, exhuberant [sic] … covered in skin and easily hurt.” Take a look:

‘Foil Deer’ will hit stores on April 21 via Carpark Records. Check out the 12-song tracklist below:

Michael DeForge

Foil Deer Track List
1. ‘Good Neck’
2. ‘Raising the Skates’
3. ‘The Graduates’
4. ‘Dot X’
5. ‘Homonovus’
6. ‘Puffer’
7. ‘Swell Content’
8. ‘Zig’
9. ‘My Dead Girl’
10. ‘Ginger’
11. ‘Mister Difficult’
12. ‘Dvrk Wvrld’