Hailing from Sweden, Spiders celebrated their debut full-length album, Flash Point, just a few short years ago. In 2014, they followed up that disc with Shake Electric, a record that hearkens fond memories of the great rock and roll that emerged from the ‘70s (think T. Rex, Bowie, that sort of thing).

Today (March 9), Diffuser is beyond thrilled to debut Spiders’ official music video for “Control,” a fast-paced rocker that finds frontwoman Ann-Sofie Hoyles sounding like a gritty Joan Jett; the accompanying trippy visual only serves to elevate and amplify that sentiment. Check it out above.

“‘Control’ is about the most evil of evil -- money! And how money, in a way, is power and can change a person’s personality,” Hoyles explains to us. As for the video, she says they wanted to make it “as straight forward as the song itself.”

“The video was partially shot while being on tour in Spain last December,” she adds. “We’re very pleased with the result.”

Spiders currently have several shows scheduled throughout Sweden, including a couple of gigs in Germany and England. You can find their full tour itinerary -- and get details on Shake Electric and their complete discography -- at their official website.