The fellows in Spoon have been frustrating fans lately in preparation for their upcoming album, which may or may not have a release date as of right now. But over the weekend, fans at the Primavera music festival in Barcelona finally got to hear a new Spoon song in its entirety, as opposed to some irritatingly short snippet.

One member of the audience caught the new song -- or most of it, anyway -- on video and posted it online. The audio, as expected, is not the best in the world, but at least it's more complete than anything the band has given us lately.

The song, for which no title is listed, sounds exactly like you'd expect a Spoon song to sound. It has a touch of crazy jazz piano and ends with jagged guitar noise. No word yet on if that's how it's supposed to end, or if they just haven't worked that part out yet.

We might find out on June 6, according to a cryptic photo the band posted recently. Then again, we might not. In the meantime, here's one of those frustratingly short snippets they unveiled recently.