Spoon’s Britt Daniel has fallen in love with Sweet Spirit, an Austin garage-psych group that he's called upon in the past to back him at solo gigs: Spoon and Sweet Spirit are set to hit the road together soon, so as a teaser, Daniel and Sweet Spirit's Sabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen collaborated on a new track called "Have Mercy." Listen to the synthy song below.

The three wrote the song at Ellis' home and recorded it a few weeks later. Four-time Spoon producer Mike McCarthy had his hands on this track and will also be working on Sweet Spirit's upcoming debut record.

Speaking about the recording process of "Have Mercy," Daniel told Stereogum:

I went to Andrew’s house to write with them one day. Andrew already had chords and a melody and he and I strummed it on guitar for a while. Meanwhile Sabrina was drinking, answering phone calls, smoking pot, writing emails, approving photos for an article on the band — she had plenty going on. But then she held up a sheet of paper with all the words on it and said “OK here it is, it’s about birds.” She’d been writing it while doing all the other stuff. And the fuck if they weren’t amazing lyrics. So then we played the song with the words a few times and I did some harmonizing and Andrew recorded it on his phone. It sounded pretty laid back and country, so when Andrew told me a couple weeks later that he wanted it to be a drum machine and synthesizer song i was surprised. I got to Mike McCarthy’s studio that afternoon at 5 and programmed a beat, Mike came up with some sounds, Jake played a dirty synth part, I sang harmonies and helped with the choral sounding vocals. It was my birthday so I split at 10:30 or so to go have a drink and Andrew stayed late and oversaw the strings get recorded. The whole thing was put to tape in a short day and then Mike and I mixed it the day after."

Spoon and Sweet Spirit have already started their joint tour dates, a complete listing of which can be found here.

Sweet Spirit and Britt Daniel – "Have Mercy"