A white, middle-class rapper from a small town in Maine probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when someone brings up gold-certified hip-hop artists, but Spose certainly isn't the typical rhyme-slinger. Dubbed "the next great white rapper" by Vibe magazine and described as "Jay-Z meets Weezer" by ArtistDirect.com, the artist (born Ryan Peters) has three successful albums and a hit video -- 'I'm Awesome,' boasting 12 million views -- under his belt. He looks to continue the hit parade this year with a pair of new free albums, 'The Peter Sparker Mixtape' and 'Dankonia.'

After parting ways with Universal/Republic Records, the major label that put out his sophomore disc, 'Happy Medium,' Spose independently released his third platter, 'The Audacity!' which peaked at No. 6 on the iTunes hip-hop albums chart. To finance his two new albums, Spose turned to his loyal fan base, raising more than $28,000 in one month through Kickstarter. The first of the two, 'The Peter Sparker Mixtape,' includes the standout track 'I'm Starving,' today's free MP3 download below.

"What I love about 'I'm Starving' is that I was able to keep it lyrical but make it fun to listen to," Spose tells Diffuser.fm. "I produced the beat in Logic, but most of the sounds come from this ill vintage Korg Sigma synthesizer that I bought for like $40 and a Spose T-shirt a few years ago. If you've never heard of Spose before, 'I'm Starving' is a good introduction. If you're familiar with my stuff, this is me announcing I'm back and letting you know I'm still the illest without saying so. And I keep it real Maine by saying [local slang of affirmation] 'Ayup' like 6 times in the track."

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