Wilco wrote the song that's featured in the new Spring HTC Evo 4G LTE commercial, but it's definitely not them performing the tune in the clip. In fact, it's a symphony of cell phones with various musical applications -- drum machines, miniature keyboards, a guitar clone, even a digital theremin and more --  being manipulated at the hands of a large crowd featuring hundreds of satisfied Sprint cell phone users.

The ad, which is full of people that one might easily be classifiy as "hipsters," seems to clearly be targeted at that same demographic -- one that, in the past, has mostly been associated with iPhone users. How do you win over legions of Apple-infatuated geeks and get them to check out a brand-new phone?

Clearly Sprint thinks that picturing some unshaven dudes with thick-rimmed glasses next to some cute girls with pixie haircuts could possibly do the trick. Throw in some music composed by the hippest of hip alt-country acts, and perhaps they are really on to something.

'I'm Always in Love' is the name of the song, and it's off the 1999 Wilco album 'Summerteeth.' That's the one right before Wilco had their commercial breakthrough with 2002's 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' -- which means that the fans who recognize it may in fact be big time Wilco fanatics. And for those of you that don't recognize it? Well, that's where Diffuser.fm and this What's the Song? feature come into play, of course.

You're welcome.

Hear Wilco's 'I'm Always in Love' Featured in the EVO 4G LTE Commercial