St. Vincent released her spectacular -- and ultra successful -- self-titled album last year and has decided to re-release it in 2015 with a few new tracks.

Set to drop on Feb. 9, the deluxe version of her fourth LP will feature a Darkside remix of one of her singles, 'Digital Witness.' It will also include the new track, 'Bad Believer,' which you can listen to below. 'Del Rio,' 'Pieta' and 'Sparrow,' which were all released on a special edition 7-inch vinyl that dropped on the last Record Store Day event, are also part of this new album.

With the same rock spunk that her latest album carries, the melodic and noisy guitar on 'Bad Believer' adds some roughness to counter her otherwise smooth and beautifully strong vocals.

'St. Vincent' (Deluxe Edition) Track List
1. 'Rattlesnake'
2. 'Birth In Reverse'
3. 'Prince Johnny'
4. 'Huey Newton'
5. 'Digital Witness'
6. 'I Prefer Your Love'
7. 'Regret'
8. 'Bring Me Your Loves'
9. 'Psychopath'
10. 'Every Tear Disappears'
11. 'Severed Crossed Fingers'
12. 'Bad Believer'
13. 'Pieta'
14. 'Sparrow'
15. 'Del Rio'
16. 'Digital Witness' (Darkside Remix)