“Sometimes, the best remedy for what ails us is the perfect mixtape.”

So reads St. Vincent’s official Facebook page. In a post shared Friday evening (June 12), a member of St. Vincent’s team -- or, Annie Clark herself, speaking in third person -- alerted fans to the artist’s next endeavor: creating personal mixtapes for complete (and very lucky) strangers. Read the note below:

Hello Everyone:

Sometimes, the best remedy for what ails us is the perfect mixtape. So, St. Vincent would like to create a personalized "mixtape" just for YOU. Simply click on the link below and submit a paragraph (50 words or less) describing what in your life would benefit from a St. Vincent curated playlist.

**Submissions will be anonymous, names and any personal details will not be made public**.

It’s as simple as that, or at least, it was as simple as that.

While the post and link are still live on St. Vincent’s Facebook page, as of the writing of this story, the website to submit your reasoning why you deserve a mixtape is not loading. With all the excitement surrounding the opportunity to receive a mixtape created by St. Vincent, we get the feeling it’ll be fixed soon.

Or, there's the slight chance that St. Vincent is done taking submissions, in which case, good luck!

You can keep your eyes on the site here to see when you can get back to tossing your hat in the mixtape ring.