Nobody loves the beginning of a new school year quite as much as a company that sells school supplies, so perhaps it's only fitting that the new Staples ad campaign features one of the bounciest synth-pop hits of the '80s.

The song in question is 'Just Can't Get Enough,' the early Depeche Mode single that signaled the end of founding member Vince Clarke's tenure with the band, which would usher in a new era of gloomier (and even more successful) hits like 'People Are People' and 'Enjoy the Silence.'

What it has to do with school is anyone's guess, but the folks at Staples really probably can't get enough of back-to-school time, when parents flood the aisles in search of the year's hottest supplies -- and since those parents were probably students themselves when 'Just Can't Get Enough' hit the airwaves in 1981, there's a nice bit of pop culture synergy at work here too. Just don't think too much about Depeche Mode being used to sell pencils, and everything will be fine.

The band, meanwhile, is still going strong, with its 13th studio album well underway; current plans call for the new record to be released in April 2013 -- just in time for Staples' spring break sale.

Watch the Staples 2012 'It's Back to School Time' Commercial Featuring Depeche Mode