Believe it or not, Stone Temple Pilots' debut record turns 20 this year -- and to celebrate, the band will join the "complete albums performed live" craze by heading out on the road and playing the disc from start to finish.

The tour, which is scheduled to kick off in early September, comes amidst a small flurry of STP-related activity this year, including the inclusion of vocalist Scott Weiland's solo track 'Breathe' on the 'Avengers' soundtrack. While talking to Rolling Stone, Weiland teased the possibility of a new Pilots album ("Yeah, I'm sure that will happen") while talking about the reasons for taking 'Core' on tour.

"I'm looking forward to it," said Weiland. "We're going to play the album in its entirety. I think it'll be really fun, because the one thing that I got tired of was sort of playing the same basic set list every night. It was like, 'the hits.' This way, it's something different, and I think it will be cool."

Reminiscing about the album itself, Weiland mused, "What comes to mind is the first song that we ever wrote with all of us in the band, when we had our first rehearsal with Dean [DeLeo]. He had this guitar riff that turned into 'Where the River Goes.' We haven't played that song in a long time, so I'm looking forward to that."

Released on September 29, 1992, 'Core' immediately cemented Stone Temple Pilots as one of the bigger bands of the decade, selling more than eight million copies and spinning off a series of hit singles that included 'Sex Type Thing,' 'Plush,' and 'Creep.'