Back in the '60s when rock 'n' roll was still younger than a teenager, four British lads in a band named the Beatles climbed up on a roof in London with all their gear to perform what was to be their last-ever concert. At the time, the gig's details -- On a rooftop! At midday! In the middle of London! -- shocked onlookers, who were generally appalled they would attempt such a stunt, which was ultimately shut down by the police.

More than 40 years have passed, and these days a rooftop gig would almost be considered laughably tame. Bands have lugged their gear to points all over the world -- or, in some cases, forgotten their gear entirely and set out on foot. Regardless, from intimate gigs in elevators and backs of cabs to expansive shows in abandoned factories and empty pools, you can almost bet that if you think up a crazy concert locale, somebody else has played it. With that in mind, we bring you our list of the Strangest Concert Locales.