It was 59 years ago today that James Dean died after crashing his Porsche Spyder and dance-pop duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. are commemorating the date with the release of a new song named in Dean's honor.

Bandmates Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott draw a lot of influence from the late actor, according to Esquire, and the song (which was released along with the B-side cover of the Tallest Man on Earth's 'Revelation Blues') serves as a tribute.

"'James Dean' is a song meant for a world that, for all of its immediacy and convenience, has possibly lost some of its mystery," said Epstein. "We all have a relationship with 'cool' -- or whatever we define as such. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. began as a basement recording project in which we were determined to be unbound by 'cool.' We were intent on never trying to chase it. But there is a push/pull with forces such as these, and, as our band has grown and mutated, cyclical thoughts persist. It can drive you away from (or toward) your truest intentions. And so, this relationship remains a dance that we engage in. Shadowboxing with 'cool,' while keeping it at arm's length."

Stream the song below and let us know what you think in the comments section: