Ryan Adams just dropped his newest 7-inch single, “Burn in the Night,” the latest in his ever-expanding Pax-Am collection. But if you weren’t able to grab a physical copy before it sold out, you can now stream it below -- along with the B-sides, “Copy City” and “Look in the Mirror” -- via Spotify.

Adams wrote about "Burn in the Night" on his website. “Los Angeles… ugh… WHAT ARE YOU?!? That is how this single feels to me. Three tracks from the hot summer nights -- greenish smoke billowing out from the upstairs office door of the Pax-Am office, just next to the live room.”

He said "Cop City" is "another song about the last weekend of every month in L.A. when all the police are out giving tickets and ALL I WANNA DO IS GET TO MY PINBALL SPOT." The song comes from Adams' "never-to-be-released" Alien USA album experiment. And "Look in the Mirror" – which was recorded "too late to get on the 1984 record" – features Adams playing every instrument.

Many of Adams’ PaxAm singles have also previously surfaced on Spotify, including “I Do Not Feel Like Being Good,” “Blue Light,” “No Shadow,” “Do You Laugh When You Lie?”, “Vampires” and their respective B-sides.

Adams is slated to play the Glastonbury festival in England this week. From there, he has stops scheduled in Europe, Australia and Mexico. Check out a complete list here.