The U.K. duo of Luca Santucci and Ben Fitzgerald, known to the world as Stubborn Heart, write thoughtful and serene music that they've fittingly dubbed "electronic soul."

Clearly inspired by Thom Yorke's genius, their first single, 'To Catch a Spark,' is a beautiful story told over aqueous midi sounds carefully programmed to flow over a dry, diminished, drum beat.

"'To Catch a Spark' was the quickest track to write and record for the album," Santucci tells, speaking of Stubborn Heart's self-titled debut.

"I'd been DJing that night and came back to the studio to hear two new beats that Ben had come up with, but he wasn't convinced by them," he adds. "The simplicity of this backing track immediately inspired a melody in my head, and by the following evening, the song was written and recorded. I wish they could all be that easy. It's a favourite of both of ours."

Stubborn Heart's full-length -- Rough Trade's album of the month, no less -- is available now on One Little Indian Records.

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