In the Spotlight commercial celebrating the awesomeness of the fuel efficient 2013 edition of the Subaru Impreza Sport -- with its partial zero emissions and 17" alloy wheels -- there's a jangly and sweet indie-pop song that serves to hammer home the point that this is an incredibly pleasant car to drive and/or to be a passenger in. So what's the song?

It's called 'Model Son' by the Heavenly States, a folk-leaning indie band based in California. The song lives on their 2011 EP 'Oui Camera Oui.'

The band is admittedly passionate about infusing their music with provocative and poignant lyricism. But they don't scrimp on the pretty pop stylings, either, as the song lingers long after the commercial fades and the 2013 Subara Impreza disappears into your memory's rearview.

The band is also known for its lighthearted sense of humor. To learn more about the Heavenly States -- and to hear more of their music -- click here.

Watch the 2013 Subaru Impreza Sport Spotlight Commercial