A couple of overzealous kids get carried away washing their father's car in a new Subaru commercial that features music from folky British band the Loose Salute.

Fronted by Ian McCutcheon and named after a '70s solo album by the Monkees' Michael Nesmith, the Loose Salute have two albums to their credit, the first being 2007's 'Tuned to Love.'

The title track from 'Tuned to Love' is the song that plays in the background during the cute clip, which depicts two well-intentioned brothers trying to surprise dad by washing his Subaru. They're not old enough to understand exactly how to wash a car, so they go overboard, wiping down the steering wheel with suds and scrubbing toothpaste in the air conditioning control panel.

When Dad returns, he appears exasperated but smiles and helps them finish the job. "Many years from now, when the Subaru is theirs, I'll look back on this day and laugh," he says in a voiceover.

Besides being a bright, upbeat tune, 'Tuned to Love' includes a lyric that probably explains why the song was chosen for this particular commercial: "Here comes the weekend / Full of ideas / Use the magic soap to wash away my fears."

Hear the Loose Salute's 'Tuned To Love' in the Subaru Kid Car Wash Commercial