The new commercial for the Subaru Legacy features music from relative newcomer Jenny O. and her song 'Won't Let You Leave.'

The clip starts off with a father-daughter team in a Subaru Legacy chasing something throughout a wooded area. They lose their subject momentarily but are able to track it again. Pretty soon, they find the object of their pursuit: a colorful rainbow in the sky.

'Won't Let You Leave' is taken from Jenny O's 2011 EP, 'Home,' which she recorded all by herself. The Long Island, N.Y. native started off in bands doing jazz standards and cover songs as a teenager, and began writing her own material when she was 18. According to her official website, she completed a new full-length album back in January of this year with producer Jonathan Wilson. No official release date was given, but Jenny O. said she hopes to release it some time in 2012.

Jenny O. has a hefty European tour lined up next month after her June 27 show in Hollywood, Calif. The musician will take off for the Wickerman Festival in Dumfries, Scotland on July 20 and stop at various cities throughout England up until August 11 in Newquay. Check out all her tour dates here.

Hear Jenny O.'s 'Won't Let You Leave' in the 2012 Subaru Legacy Commercial