Sufjan Stevens' forthcoming box set of Christmas music, 'Songs for Christmas, Vols. 6-10,' includes both covers of holiday classics and some not-so-traditional Christmas-themed originals. We're going to let you go ahead and guess which category 'Mr. Frosty Man' falls in to -- but not without some hints.

First off, it's a totally different tune than 'Frosty the Snowman,' so don't the two confused. Second, it sounds a little like 'The Pod'-era Ween's version of a garage-rock jam about a snowman who likes those Hanukkah celebrators Yo La Tengo. And finally, the video is extremely gory, in a claymation-can-be-extremely-gory-it's-not-all-cute-damnit sort of way. So, do you think you know which category 'Mr. Frosty Man' falls under: cover or original? Check out the video above and find out if you are right!