Listening to Swampboots might make you think you're an adolescent Tom Petty walking through a desert with a guitar strapped to your back. No? Just me? OK, well, regardless, Brooklyn's Swampboots are a treat for the ear -- especially if you're the kind of listener who likes your audio with a mild twang and a whispery croon.

The minimalist production suits the genre, although it might have you questioning Swampboots' Brooklyn origin. Could sounds so praire-esque really come from the Concrete Jungle's neighbor?

Swampboots' Dylan Shultz toes the line between feel-good acoustic chords and crawl-into-a-hole violin melodies, telling a poetic story about Jitka, a wayward traveler fleeing from romance. "Jitka chooses the celluliod glow of the cinema over a chance at real love," Dylan tells "Given her odds at happiness, I can't say I blame her."

You can hear Jitka's story below on the single 'Jitka.'

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