[Editor's Note: To better cover SXSW 2013, we here at Diffuser.fm asked some of our favorite showcasing artists to share their experiences via guest blog posts. One band kind enough to sign on was Boy + Kite, an Austin-based indie rock foursome whose excellent tune 'Fall' we gave away last week as a free MP3. In the band's third dispatch, bassist Giuseppe Ponti big-ups gratis British beer and a certain NYC band. Enjoy!]

Today I found myself drifting along Red River with the idea of checking out Alt-J at the Mohawk or the Walkmen at Club Deville. Upon my arrival, the length of the line for Alt J made it an easy choice (not to mention that I had already seen Alt-J on Monday at the Parish -- the best show I've seen this year at SXSW!)

I headed into Club Deville and was greeted by an endless supply of free Newcastle as I waited for the Walkmen to begin a free-for-all set. Before their performance, I was treated to Foxygen bringing the house down with their high-energy psychedelic punk show. Their lead singer kept apologizing for his voice being shot from touring non-stop for two months, but voice or not, they kicked ass.

I first saw the Walkmen last year at Stubb's and was fairly impressed, so having the opportunity to see them again at a much smaller, more intimate venue felt just right. I love seeing shows at Stubb's, but seeing the Walkmen in this type of setting elevated their status on the list of the most amazing shows that I've witnessed in my life.