Just because you're a musician, it doesn't mean you're not a music fan, too. Looking ahead to SXSW 2013, we here at Diffuser.fm asked some of our favorite showcasing artists to share with us the acts they're most looking forward to catching at this year's festival. Among those we called on: Jamaican Queens, a "Detroit trad pop" duo featuring Ryan Spencer and Adam Pressley.

What's "Detroit trad pop?" Good question. Jamaican Queens are pioneers of the genre, but clear any thoughts of reggae out of your head -- they're from neither the Caribbean island nor the New York City neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens. Instead, imagine a mash-up of EDM, indie rock and Southern hip-hop, with tight Young Jeezy beats, soaring Grizzly Bear harmonies and seemingly MDMA-fueled electronica joining forces to create a truly original sound. For a taste, check out their debut album, 'Wormfood,' due out this spring.

Jamaican Queens have five South by Southwest gigs on their itinerary, to be followed by a U.S. tour that will keep them on the road through an April 12 record-release party in their hometown of Detroit. Check out their itinerary -- and sample a few of the band's songs, including the leadoff 'Wormfood' single 'Kids Get Away' -- here, and then scroll down to read what they had to say about their “can’t miss” SXSW 2013 artists.

  • 1

    Sean Nicholas Savage

    He's been one of our favorite pop musicians and has been since the first time we played with him. Always puts on an emotional and engaging show.

  • 2

    Ghostface Killah

    Probably the only big show I'm gonna try and make it out to. Really wanna get a pic with him, or maybe a lil kiss. :* 

  • 3

    The Bug

    Love dancehall and grime. Was obsessed with 'London Zoo' when it came out. He's playing [the Detroit Electronic Music Festival] as well, so if I miss it, I won't be too bummed.

  • 4

    The Zombies

    Cuz I bet what's his name (Rod Argent? Colin Blunstone?) is gonna die soon, and 'Odyssey and Oracle' is the sickest s--- ever. 

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    Detroit boys. Got paid $2,000 for this show. We toured with 'em. Bros 4 life.