The word "math" may conjure unhappy high school memories of complex equations and TI-82 calculators, but in the rock 'n' roll context, it can make for some serious fun. The SXSW 2013 attendees gathered yesterday (March 12) at Granada House for the venue's unofficial "Backyard Shredathon" certainly seemed to be having a good time, thanks to the Japanese instrumental outfit LITE. Watch the foursome get awesomely fidgety in the video above. doesn't know much about these guys, who are apparently pretty big in their homeland, but as one site puts it, their sound "combines the precision and musicianship of prog rock with the emotionally charged cinematic compositions of art rock, in a heavier, more modern package that they describe as 'math rock.'" We won't argue with that -- mostly because it would probably involve drawing up a two-column proof, and we haven't got the energy.