German prog rockers Sylvan are gearing up for the release of 'Home,' their first full-length album since 2012's 'Sceneries.' Set to hit the streets on Feb. 20, 'Home' is packed with 13 tracks and more than 80 minutes of what might be the band's crowning achievement in their 25-year career.

Blending numerous musical styles with a deep lyrical focus, 'Home' is Sylvan's first proper concept album since 2006's 'Posthumous Silence.' Today (Feb. 5), Diffuser is beyond thrilled to debut what we consider the record's masterpiece, the nearly 11-minute track, 'In Between' -- check it out in the audio player below.

"It's powerful and yet tender, it's straight-forward and somehow complex," the band tells us about 'In Between.' "It's simply a song in between!"

As for the concept behind this particular track, the band explains, "'In Between' speaks of cold times, a cold war some 30 years ago -- or what's waiting on our front door tomorrow, speaking of our childhood memories, or of fears for our children -- why not simply in between?"

The idea of childhood memories is weaved throughout 'Home,' dissecting what happens when the past crashes into the future. While 'In Between' has enough dynamic intensity to stand on its own, it is best heard in the midst of the entire album; you can pre-order 'Home' via iTunes at this location. And as you wait to get your hands on the record, head over to Sylvan's official website to stay updated with everything happening in their world.