T-Mobile’s new iPhone 5 commercial warns viewers not to be fooled by other cell phone carriers’ ploys to get more money with data limits, yearly contracts and other restrictions. The ad, featuring Australian electro-rockers Cut Copy’s catchy tune ‘Where I’m Going,’ depicts a room filled with mousetraps to drive home the message.

The track is from their third studio album, ‘Zonoscope,’ which dropped back in 2011 via Modular Recordings. Not only does the record sport particularly alluring cover art, it was nominated for Best Dance/Electronica album at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

"’Where I'm Going’ is a twinkly, faraway sigh of a song that could pass for Washed Out if it wasn't for the titanic Gary Glitter drum-stomp powering it,” wrote Pitchfork in a review. In addition to appearing in the recent smartphone commercial (watch below), it was included on the soundtrack for the video game ‘FIFA 12.’ It was also the theme song for BlackBerry PlayBook’s 2010 sneak-preview video.

Cut Copy have toured with a variety of well-known indie acts, such as Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party, and they have a few U.S. shows lined up this summer, including an appearance at Governors Ball. Visit their official site for the itinerary.

Hear Cut Copy’s ‘Where I’m Going’ in the T-Mobile iPhone 5 Commercial