Counting Crows

10 Best Counting Crows Songs
Back in the day, it seemed that Counting Crows were built to last. Right when modern rock's rougher side was all over mainstream radio, this group of Berkeley, Calif., musicians incorporated accordion, harmonica, organ, mandolin and pedal-steel guitar into their rootsy mix of Americana-speckled…
Counting Crows, August 2008
In this photo, Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz is walking the fine line between letting the crowd participate and becoming an actual member of the crowd. With arms outstretched to balance himself, we’re happy to report that the singer remained safely onstage but still made for a …
Worst Rock Tattoos: Edgy Adam Duritz
We're pretty sure Adam Duritz isn't straight edge -- which makes this back piece featuring the Counting Crows singer pretty confusing. Mostly because if that means that guy who has these tats is straight edge, it means he wasn't drunk when he got inked...
Counting Crows Release Free Songs on BitTorrent
The Counting Crows' new album is all covers -- and the long-lasting alt-rock band's giving away a sampler via BitTorrent. Grab the download bundle of 'Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation)' here.

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