Hot Chip

Hot Chip, ‘Dark and Stormy’ [Listen]
Hot Chip plan to release a one-off single this summer through Domino Records, and it features the previously unreleased tune ‘Dark and Stormy’ and a brand-new B-side version of ‘Look at Where We Are.’ The disc isn’t due out until July 22, b…
Hot Chip, ‘Don’t Deny Your Heart’ – New Video
Is this a late entry into the Most Ridiculous Video of the Year sweepstakes? Hot Chip's 'Don't Deny Your Heart' clip starts off normal enough, with Alexis Taylor and the band sitting in the back of a tour bus, facing off in a video game taking place on the football pitch (football as in what we call…
Hot Chip Rock ‘Jimmy Fallon’ With the Roots
Hot Chip recently wrapped up the first leg of a two-part U.S. summer tour with a gig on Wednesday in New York City, which put them in the perfect position to stop by Big Apple-based 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' for a performance with house band the Roots. Not surprisingly, the British da…
Hot Chip, ‘In Our Heads’ – Top Albums of 2012
A wise man once said that age doesn’t matter unless you’re a cheese -- or a London dance rock group. We didn’t know what to think about Hot Chip when they burrowed into our ears with ‘Ready for the Floor’ back in 2006: the questio…
Hot Chip, ‘In Our Heads’ – Album Review
Now on their fifth studio album, Hot Chip know how to make a thoroughly enjoyable strand of dance music: ‘In Our Heads’ is unapologetically fun while also addressing the most adult of themes -- becoming an adult.
Hot Chip Cover Prince’s ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’
BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe has been known to preside over some interesting covers on his show -- and during Hot Chip's recent visit to promote their upcoming album, they did not disappoint, serving up a live-in-the-studio rendition of the Prince classic 'If I Was Your Girlfriend.'

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