The Temper Trap

Google Nexus 10 Commercial – What’s the Song?
Tablets are all the rage these days, and Google and Samsung have teamed up to release the Nexus 10. In a touching commercial, a couple plans for the arrival of their new baby with the help of the state-of-the-art device, while an ear-pleasing tune plays in the background.
Temper Trap – Superhero Songs
'Peter Parker's Alter Ego'
Unlike some of the other songs in this list, the Temper Trap's 'Peter Parker's Alter Ego' -- found on the band's 2006 self-titled EP -- may not be as well-known. But we have to give it props for its embodiment of the web-shooting slin…
Temper Trap Bring ‘Trembling Hands’ to ‘Kimmel’
The Temper Trap continue their aggressive promotional push behind their latest album, a self-titled set that dropped earlier this month. After a run that has included debuting songs from the album at this year's always buzzy SXSW festival, a recent appearance on 'Letterman' and a high-profile slot a…
Bonnaroo 2012 Pictures: The Temper Trap
Singer Dougy Mandagi fronted the Temper Trap during the band's Saturday afternoon set at Bonnaroo 2012. Of course they busted out 'Sweet Disposition' for their fans, who formed one of the biggest crowds of the day.
The Temper Trap Perform at ‘Live on Letterman’
The Temper Trap's new self-titled album is out now, and the band is so excited to be out on the road behind some new music that when they showed up on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' on June 7, they decided to stick around long enough to perform a full 'Live on Letterman&apo…
The Temper Trap, ‘The Temper Trap’ – Album Review
On a Saturday in Brooklyn, a music writer was listening to, rather loudly, the new self-titled album by the Temper Trap. Against his best pretensions, he couldn’t help but begin to dig it. And his roommates, too: “This is a pretty good album to review!” on…
Temper Trap, ‘Trembling Hands’ – Song Review
Australian rockers the Temper Trap are looking forward with 'Trembling Hands,' a cut off their self-titled second album, which drops June 5. Whether they like it or not -- and we're guessing they don't -- Temper Trap may forever be known as "that 'Sweet Disposition&…

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