Sometimes a person has a dream that they believe in. That dream might be to become a famous rock star, or a superstar athlete, or maybe to be successful at business. Or that dream might be to host a late-night public-access call-in show where important topics can be discussed in an open forum by intelligent people. That, apparently, has been the longtime dream of Ken Sander, host of the show 'Speak Out.'

Sander has become an underground legend for maintaining his cool under verbal assaults on his call-in show. In this episode, he wants to discuss whether or not New Yorkers should be allowed to carry handguns. The first caller makes some valid points about the issue ... until he gets to his closing statement.

The most popular response was that New Yorkers should be able to carry guns so they could shoot people like Mr. Sander. Other responses were limited to the simple but classic "F--- you!" We don't know where this animosity toward the genial host comes from, but he never lets himself be baited into stooping to their level.

Sander had lots of practice at fielding calls from anonymous New Yorkers. In addition to 'Speak Out,' he held the title of Cable Doctor in another call-in show. He still serves as New York's Cable Doctor, helping people with all of their cable- and VCR-repair needs. His website still has an article from 1998 in which he advises people on how to properly maintain their VCRs. According to his Twitter page, he's also a tech writer for Tell Magazine. Hopefully he's able to avoid the haters in print.