Sisters Marika (vocals) and Miro Justad (drums) have been playing together since they were 13 and 15 years old, respectively. They formed the bands the Neons and the Sutures, picking up guitarist Toby Kuhn and bassist Ryan Baker along the way, and in 2013, they resurfaced as Tangerine. The Seattle four-piece has been winning fans with its summery indie-pop ever since.

Tangerine’s four-part harmonies are anchored by Marika’s sweet and light vocals. But it’s the foursome’s melodic yet fierce guitar and drum work that balance the whole thing out, ultimately creating a fresh interpretation of surf rock.

Download ‘The Runner,’ a track from their latest EP, 'Radical Blossom,' and check it out for yourself. It's a perfect introduction to the band, as the tune is all about discovering new things.

“‘The Runner’ is basically a song about a somebody who is restless and has grown bored or disillusioned with their surroundings," Marika tells "They run through town every evening to try and shake off the feeling of being stuck and to give their life motion. In the end, almost on a whim, they finally leave.”

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