Quirky album releases are fun, and unlike a surprise album drop, they can actually be innovative, if not slightly inconvenient: Tanlines decided to premiere their new album Highlights via a conference call on May 6, as in, interested parties called a number at a specific time, provided an access code and listened to the record on their phones. It was probably great, but the band seemed to realize it wasn't practical for everybody, so Highlights is now available to stream at their website.

And what a website it is: They gave it a redesign in April, so now it's a clever Netflix knock-off on which the album is presented like an online movie description. The album is described as being "Emotional, Observational, Dancefloorready," and each track even gets its own movie-style poster and tagline. "If You Stay" is summed up, "Seth is ready to trade his night life for the morning light, but his much younger wife still wants to party. They search for common ground in this light-hearted look at the growing pains of thirtysomethings," while the text accompanying "Two Thousand Miles" reads, "When two buddies head south on a 36-hour adventure, they discover there's more to life than just watching it go by."

Stream the album at their website, or at least pop in and take in the clever bit of web design they've come up with.