While many bands like to keep the details under wraps when they work on new albums, Tegan and Sara are just the opposite. The Canadian twins have been keeping fans in the loop with regular updates on their seventh album since they began recording process on Feb. 20.

So what do we know so far? Well, the sisters started by demoing a ridiculous amount of music. "Officially we just finished our 41st song," Tegan wrote in a blog post last month. "Don’t worry, there will NOT be 41 songs on the record! PROMISE! And for those that wish they could hear all 41 songs, really? Ha. Even my mom set the limit at 25."

Sara told Rolling Stone that Greg Kurstin, a former Grammy nominee for Producer of the Year, will produce at least six tracks. Kurstin has worked with everyone from mainstream pop artists Britney Spears, Kesha, and Kelly Clarkson to more adventurous acts like the Flaming Lips, Foster the People, and Marina and the Diamonds. Kurstin plays a healthy amount of piano on the record. "Tegan and I wrote a lot of the songs on piano, and it was incredible to see what Greg was able to do with those ideas," Sara said.

She added that she and her sister are singing together more often this time around. "With this record we are doing a lot of background vocals and harmonies. Some may say we're returning to our roots, and they'd be right." Tegan concurred, tweeting, "We're going to need backup singers to tour this record. So many harmonies. It's like ABBA joined our band."

During the recording process, Tegan and Sara have welcomed visitors like Hunter Burgan of AFI and Australian vocalist Sia into their studio, though it's unclear if either will actually perform on the record, which does not currently have a title or target release date. The duo's new album will be the follow-up to 2009's 'Sainthood,' which reached No. 21 to become their highest-charting effort in the U.S.