Last month, Tegan and Sara unveiled 'Closer,' the beat-driven rave-up that serves as the first single off their forthcoming 'Heartthrob' album, and now we get to hear the disc's second track, 'I'm Not Your Hero.' 'Heartthrob' doesn't drop until sometime until early next year, but to hear Sara Quin tell it, if you catch Tegan and Sara in concert before then, you can expect to hear some new material.

"I’d say my favorite songs [off 'Heartthrob'] are the ones we’re playing live ... [including] 'Closer' and a song called 'I’m Not Your Hero,'" the singer-keyboardist tells MTV's Hive. "I think those songs feel so great because I’m like, 'Oh, my god, they translate [live]!” We can get them from this record, and they’re working." Tegan and Sara recently wound down a tour with the Black Keys and have treks through England and across North America coming up in the next few months. Check out their itinerary here.