Brooklyn-based indie rockers the Antlers are bringing their latest release, the EP 'Undersea,' to fans in July -- but you can get an early glimpse of the four-song collection via the set's first single, 'Drift Dive.'

Reflective of the song's title (not to mention the name of the EP), 'Drift Dive' bobs on a slow wave of reverb, led by Peter Silberman's falsetto vocals and melancholy surf guitar. Rolling in on a slow fade, with Darby Cicci's mournful trumpet rising and falling in the background, it's the perfect soundtrack for your long drive home from the beach on a lazy summer afternoon.

Longtime fans of the band won't be too surprised with anything they hear here, but if you had any doubts as to whether the songs on 'Undersea' would really have anything to do with water, 'Drift Dive' should set them to rest -- really, you can pretty much close your eyes, pretend your toes are in the sand, and imagine the steady roar of the surf in the background. And if you haven't familiarized yourself with the band yet -- and your tastes run toward the moody and melodic end of the spectrum -- this is a perfect introduction.

'Undersea' is scheduled for a July 24 release. Check out 'Drift Dive' below.