Good news for Avalanches fans who have been left in the lurch for over a dozen years while the band failed to follow up their well-received debut, 'Since I Left You': Your wait is over! Sort of.

We're talking about what appears to be a new mixtape from the band: 'Sleepy Bedtime Mix for Young Ones,' a collection credited to "Henry Chinaski" -- a nod to writer Charles Bukowski -- and announced via a typically cryptic tweet that reads, "may or may not be mixtape by ♥ ∆v∆L∆NCH∑≤ ♥."

The mystery deepens at the site hosting the mixtape, Pinchy & Friends. The site says it "may or may not be [a] new mixtape site by" the band's "Frontier Psychiatrist" Tom Kuntz, the list of contributing DJs includes names such as Ryan Hawaiian, Lord Fitness, and House Bacon, and there's a "Secret Information" link on the page that will lead dedicated visitors into a deep rabbit hole of music which may point the way toward the band's next proper album. Or, you know, maybe not.

In any event, 'Sleepy Bedtime Mix' lives up to its title with a mellow sonic tour through mellow renditions of 'My Funny Valentine,' 'Misty,' and Bobby Darin's 'More,' incorporating bits and pieces of Astrud Gilberto, the Beach Boys, Vashti Bunyan, and other artists along the way. Check it out here and let us know what you think in the comments!