On the surface, the forthcoming movie 'The Beauty Inside' sounds like a standard, run-of-the-mill Hollywood flick. Directed by the Sundance Award winning Drake Doremus, it stars Topher Grace ('That 70′s Show') and Mary Elizabeth Winstead ('Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'). The thing is, it's anything but normal.

"I have this condition, this thing," lead character Alex explains in the trailer's voiceover. "Every time I wake up I'm a different person." It's because of this fact -- the film's lead has a completely different physical appearance every single day of the movie -- that the producers decided to have an open casting call to find the numerous actors needed to play the role. Not only that, but they've been conducting this casting primarily over the Internet, and they aren't particularly looking for people with acting experience. Which means that yes, you too could star in 'Inside.'

The faces that appear in the 'The Beauty Inside' trailer keep changing, but the catchy indie rock ditty that provides the soundtrack stays the same throughout. What the song? It's called 'Let's Fall Asleep Together' by the up-and-coming Vancouver area-based ambient eletropop artist Teen Daze, and it's off his 'Beach Dreams' EP, one of nine releases he has issued in the last few years.

Hear Teen Daze's 'Beach Dreams' in 'The Beauty Inside' Trailer