Mere college freshman, the four members of the Big Sweet have already absorbed the kinds of influences you don't usually discover until sophomore or junior year, after you've been dumped by your girlfriend and resigned yourself to spending Saturdays at the local record shop -- the one just off campus, near the divey burrito joint -- and chatting with the clerk about obscure power-pop and art-rock. (Or maybe that was just our experience?)

Already two albums strong, the Big Sweet's discography reveals great reverence for and familiarity with the likes of Pavement and XTC, as the group admits in its bio, but today's free MP3, 'Somber Sighs,' arguably owes more to Big Star or latter-day disciples the Posies, what with its aching melody and chiming guitars.

Describing the tune -- due to appear on the Ohio quartet's upcoming third album, 'Bicycle Nights' -- lead singer Sam Regas told about the track's happy-sad duality.

"On one hand, 'Somber Sighs' is loaded with jangly guitars and high 'oo-la-la' harmonies, but there is definitely some subtle, personal melancholy in there," Regas says. "There’s an interesting contradiction to it -- mutated bubblegum pop with catharsis."
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