Tomorrow (Nov. 11), Canada's premier synth-rock outfit, the Birthday Massacre, celebrate the release of their sixth studio album, 'Superstition.' The record is full of the band's powerful and anthemic sounds, and today, Diffuser is ecstatic to give fans a chance to hear it in its entirety a day before it hits the streets. Stream it in the audio player below.

Compared to their debut album, ‘Nothing and Nowhere,’ ‘Superstition’ may sound similar, but thematically, it’s completely different. “‘Nothing and Nowhere’ was our first album and in that context, it is a one off and not connected with anything before or after -- except as part of our history,” the band explains. “Our songwriting, production and technical abilities have improved over the years, as well.”

And while there are some differences, the Birthday Massacre assure us that fans will recognize their music in the new album: “Our sound may have matured, but it is still the same band with the same vision.”

The band approached the release of ‘Superstition’ differently as it was their first foray into the crowdfunding movement. “Our fans have high expectations of us on a lot of levels and seeing some of the campaigns that looked to be just money grabs, we stayed back for quite some time,” they tell us. “Once we figured out how we could actually make the experience affordable and worth it, we went ahead and designed some special products and we made heavy use of the ability to communicate directly with those who were backing us.”

With ‘Superstition,’ the band is excited to be able to continue to do what they love. “Each album is a bit of a plan and a bit of a surprise,” they say. “Like any artist, the most important thing for us is being happy with what we have created. So the fact that we have finished it means that as a band we have been bale to coninue one with what we started with ‘Nothing and Nowhere.’ The people who make up this band still have the relationships and energy to keep going. In that way, this album, like each alum, is another landmark.”

The Birthday Massacre have several dates scheduled through the end of the year in support of ‘Superstition’; get their full tour itinerary here.

And make sure you check out their PledgeMusic campaign for all the details on ‘Superstition’ and the exclusive experiences available to backers.