It’s hard to believe, but there is essentially one man behind the brooding, dark, beautiful sounds that emanate from the Black Atlas' music. Peter Koronios is the central figure of the band, handling vocals and nearly all musical arrangements on his debut EP, ‘The Other.’

This new release, set to hit the streets on Nov. 18, will be the first in a series of EPs, together known as ‘The Equinox.’ Today (Oct. 29), just in time for Halloween celebrations, Diffuser is thrilled to debut the second single from the EP, ‘Rivers.’ Listen to the track in the audio player below.

Mixing elements of grunge and art rock with what will soon be considered his signature deep voice, Koronios has created much more than a song with ‘Rivers’ -- he’s created an atmosphere that the listener gets lost in.

“Musically, the way ‘Rivers’ plays out is similar to a kind of exploration of conscious and unconscious aspects of mind,” he tells us. “It was recorded with friend and co-producer Jesse Clasen, and feats him on piano. We did a few different takes of the ending, which ended up being a really significant moment of the recording.”

Koronios goes on, “Lyrically, it speaks about a discontentedness towards a particular place as well as a state of mind.” That sentiment fits perfectly within ‘The Other’ as a whole as well as the entire ‘Equinox’ series. “It’s the first EP in a series detailing an intense internal struggle with oneself,” he explains.

If you like what you hear, you’re in luck! The Black Atlas will be giving away a free download of ‘Rivers’ beginning tomorrow (Oct. 30), so keep your eye on the band's BandCamp page; if you’re looking for a soundtrack for your Halloween festivities, make sure this song is on the compilation.