It’s not too often we get excited about bands that have washboards and banjos in their lineup, but we are seriously digging the Bloodhounds and their new record, ‘Let Loose!'. Now, to be fair, the album as a whole is full of blues-tinged garage rock, but with ‘Dusty Bibles & Silver Spoons,’ the band strips things down and goes old-school. Diffuser is thrilled to premiere the music video for the track -- check it out above.

‘Let Loose!’ is out via Alive Naturalsound Records and is a perfect blend of punk, garage, R&B, blues and soul. While ‘Dusty Bibles & Silver Spoons’ might be a bit of a departure from that sound, it still captures the energetic talents of all the band members.

And the music video only helps.

“This music video was shot by Nazareth Figueroa, and edited by our very own washtub technician, Levi Alvarez,” frontman Aaron Piedraita tells us. “It was fun filming it. We didn’t have to act -- we were just ourselves.”

He goes on about the song, “‘Dusty Bibles & Silver Spoons’ is about drugs ... about letting the good book collect dust while you’re using and abusing.”

Based in Los Angeles, the Bloodhounds are celebrating the release of ‘Let Loose!’ tomorrow night (Nov. 20) at Harvard & Stone. Get their remaining 2014 tour itinerary here.