As Southern California's Americana trio the Brevet prepare for the release of their sophomore studio effort, Diffuser has partnered with them to debut the brand new track, 'Moving Mountains.' As grand of a title as that is, it's only matched by the ambitious dexterity of the musicians on the track. Listen to the song below.

The new record, 'American Novel,' is set to hit store shelves on Nov. 11, and is the follow-up to 'Battle of the Heart' -- an album that featured songs you likely heard on the MLB Network, American Idol and several other TV shows.

'Moving Mountains' is the new LP's lead single and perfectly captures the Brevet's self-proclaimed style of epic Americana. "We chose it as our first single because, in a way, it expresses an overall theme for the entire album," the band tells us. "We're releasing 'American Novel' in three chapters, and 'Moving Mountains' kind of encompasses the whole thing."

Fans will no doubt have visions of Mumford and Sons, the Lone Bellow and Of Monsters and Men conjured when listening to 'Moving Mountains,' but they'll find even more cinematic depth in this particular track. "It represents a step forward for us, as a band, as we really dig into our creative process and mature our sound," the Brevet explain.

The act of moving mountains is no small task, but the Brevet hope their song will exhilerate their listeners: "The song is uplifting. It's meant to inspire -- to provide a vigor and a drive to always try to make something of yourself and of life."

For details on 'American Novel,' and the band's tour schedule, visit their official website here. As fans await the arrival of the new album, the Brevet have shared a teaser video for 'American Novel.' Watch it below: