London-based musician-producer Kevin Martin (aka the Bug) is nothing if not prolific.

For more than two decades, he's been a fixture in the London electronic music scene with a resume filled with dubstep, industrial hip-hop, dancehall, jazzcore and more and a vast array of projects including King Midas Sound, GOD, Techno Animal, Ice, Curse of the Golden Vampire and Pressure.

But Martin is also set to release 'Exit Out,' a new EP under the Bug moniker following the full-length, 'Angels & Devils,' released just yesterday (Sept. 1). According to a press release, Martin ended up with no less than 160 demos and alternate versions of songs and six will be on 'Exit,' out Oct. 7 via Ninja Tune.

Included on 'Exit' is the track 'Black Wasp,' which features Liz Harris. You can check out the new song in the below video.

The Bug's press release said:

First up is the 'Angels & Devils' opener 'Void' and 'Void Version,' featuring Liz Harris (of Grouper). The original of the mutant floating pop track that opens the album, followed by and even deeper/headier (as if that were even possible) spaced out and dubbed out version. On the flip side is 'Black Wasp' and 'Black Wasp Version.' From the same Liz Harris sessions, and yet another deep deep excursion into heavyweight lushness. Following the same duality split concept of the album, the second disc is all devils. Album track 'Function' is given a full side to let the bass heaviness breath. And finally, longtime Bug collaborator and sound-system/ragga legend Daddy Freddy comes in menacing and hard on 'Blaow' to wrap it up.

Listen to 'Black Wasp' (feat. Liz Harris)