What started out as Adam Traub's solo project on a four-track tape recorder in a laundry room in Oceanside, Calif. has turned into a full-blown, raucous, psychedelic rock and roll journey known as the Burning of Rome.

Earlier this year, the quintet celebrated the release of 'Year of the Ox' -- 13 songs that, as the band puts it, "weave the three concepts of art, rebellion and life into a cascading aural braid." Today (Oct. 30), we are beyond thrilled to debut the band's latest music video, 'Better Than He.' Check it out above.

Much like the song, the music video for 'Better Than He' is full of non-stop energy and blazing rock and roll; it's unlike anything we've seen or heard in a long time -- and that's a good thing. "It was a Thursday night and we had a 600 mile drive the next morning to fire off a southwest tour," Traub tells us. "That's when the aliens hit."

Helmed by director Pat Fogarty, 'Better Than He' was shot in the band's Highland Park backyard. "[Fogarty created] a cosmic assault that would become the music video," Traub explains. "It's a movement for the weird, an anthem for the misanthropic and a doomsday preparation for an extraterrestrial invasion."

The Burning of Rome have a few live shows left in 2014 -- check out their full tour itinerary here. And if you like what you hear with 'Better Than He,' do everything you can to get your hands on 'Year of the Ox' -- it will come in handy when the aliens come back.