Art-punk duo Japanther and hip-hop muckrakers the Coup have a lot in common, and on 'Long Island Iced Tea,' a tune from the latter's 'Sorry to Bother You' album, they join forces to protest racist and excessively violent police tactics. It's heavy stuff, but the song's plenty listenable, and now there's an equally entertaining stop-motion-animation video.

Directed and animated by Kelly Gallagher, 'Long Island Iced Tea' features paper cutouts of riot police clashing with protestors, and while the song's lyrics don't reference any specific events, the visuals evoke the Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin killings, as well as Occupy Wall Street.

"The title is an inside joke," Coup MC Boots Riley says in a press release. "I would never order a Long Island Iced Tea. I like good Bourbon."