On Record Store Day Black Friday (Nov. 28), independent music shops all over the country were stocked with hundreds and hundreds of exclusive releases -- from massive box sets courtesy of Miles Davis and Neil Young to previously unreleased tracks from the likes of Conor Oberst and Jenny Lewis (and that's naming a few).

As we stood in line outside of Rough Trade in Brooklyn (the biggest record store in New York City), we had a lot of time to contemplate exactly what we would pick up. Sure, of course we were going to get the reissue of Husker Du's 1987 finale, 'Warehouse: Songs and Stories.' And yes, we'd get that J Mascis Sub Pop single on orange vinyl. But one of the releases we were most excited about was the 7-inch of the Decemberists' brand-new single, 'Make You Better.'

We had the opportunity to see Colin Meloy busk the song (among others) in Brooklyn not too long ago, so we were thrilled to have the studio track pressed on wax -- and even more exciting was the fact that it was backed with the never-before-heard track, 'Fits & Starts.' As far as we can tell, you can't find this song anywhere -- not on Spotify, not on YouTube, not on iTunes.

Well, lucky for you, we want to give you a little taste of the track. Check out our preview of 'Fits & Starts' in the video above -- and if you love what you hear (and we know that you will), head over to your local indie record store to see if they have any extra copies left from Black Friday!

Watch Colin Meloy Busk 'Make You Better' On a Street Corner In Brooklyn