What qualifies Nelson Nuñez and Jonny Molina -- a couple of NYC dudes who met four years ago at a recording studio and have since been bashing out totally boss garage-punk jams -- to sing about valley girls, those famously vapid mall-dwelling pariahs of Southern California?

Who knows -- and more importantly, who cares? The Finks play 'Valley Girl,' today's free MP3, with authority and conviction, knocking the sucker out in less than three ramshackle minutes. Originally recorded a couple years back, the tune is due to appear on a forthcoming Finks full-length, tentatively titled 'Yes Wave F--- Rock.'

As for what, exactly, that means, we'd query the fellas, but when Diffuser.fm asked them for a quote about 'Valley Girl,' the response we got wasn't exactly enlightening. It was, however, quite entertaining -- and that's in keeping with the spirit of this band, a straight-up rock 'n' roll combo that does Brooklyn proud.

"I'm an orphan," the pair said of the song, "but rich people are going to adopt me."

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