Given the Cramps' love of all retro horror and sci-fi B-movie iconography, the legendary psychobilly act was almost destined to write a song titled 'Human Fly.' The tune's lyrics -- with lines like "I say buzz, buzz, buzz / And it's just because/ I'm a human fly and I don't know why / I got 96 tears in my 96 eyes" -- left little doubt that the fly in question was indeed that the protagonist of the 1958 sci-fi movie titled 'The Fly.'

Formed in New York City back in 1976, the Cramps were one of the original bands on the downtown CBGB punk scene and are often noted for influencing a wide variety of rock genres. Considered one of the first-ever garage punk bands and drawing on everything from early rockabilly and rhythm and blues to surf, post-glam and theatrical horror-blues, the Cramps issued their debut album, 'Gravest Hits,' in 1979 and would go on to put out a total of 10 album over the next few decades, touring the world many times over. Their final album, 'Fiends of Dope Island,' dropped in 2002 and the band broke up in 2009 following the sudden passing of singer Lux Interior, who to this day is oft considered the king of trash culture.



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