At times sounding like straight-up indie rock and others, well, a little funky, the Fontaines’ music quickly stands out in our always-changing world.

Tomorrow (April 28), the sibling duo will release their self-titled EP, and we're excited to give fans a final taste of what to expect -- stream "Dusty Springfield" in the audio player below.

Charlotte and Hank Fontaine are proud that their music is hard to pin down to one genre or a simple description; Hank calls the songs "swoon-worthy" while his sister thinks they're "snappy." Regardless of their characterizations, though, there is no denying that the songs -- and "Dusty Springfield" in particular -- are outrageously catchy.

The duo's love for the song shines through in the course of just a few minutes. "We saved our favorite track for last. 'Dusty Springfield' was written the night before we recorded it," Hank recalls.

Celebrating the release of the new EP, the Fontaines are set to play Harvard & Stone Tuesday night (April 28). You can stay up-to-date with everything happening in their world at their official website.